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Computer Backup

What would it cost you if you lost a week, month or year of accounting, customer data or project information?


You rely on computers and smart technology everyday. Your daily business is dependent on these technologies, and the need for them to operate smoothly. However, too few businesses take the time to properly backup critical data. Statistically, people backup their computers when they remember. Ask yourself when was the last time you remembered?


Our computer backup services give our clients the benefit of never having to remember to backup their systems, it’s automatic. Planning for a system crash, virus infection or an employee mistake couldn’t be easier.


Our service is local, professional and supported by industry leading technology. Trust Aegis Records Management with your digital data.


On-Site Backup


Off-Site Backup


Our servers are located in Nanaimo, BC. They are connected via 100mbps TIER1 fiber network and monitored 24/7/365.